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  • Why book with us?

    At BookItBusiness, we deal solely with clientele who are interested in flying a business or first class. While major online flight booking companies charge a great deal for first and business class tickets, we find ways to minimize a cost while maximizing your satisfaction. We save our customers on average 30% to 70% on price of a ticket. Read below to better understand our booking process and how BookItBusiness is able to save you significant amount of dollars that can be spent elsewhere. Call us now at 1-877-333-2803 or fill out a quote request form to get the best price. BookItBusiness is so confident that we offer the best price - we are ready to match and beat any competitors' price!
  • What is Best Price Guarantee?

    BookItBusiness is confident that you will find the best price for your trip here, that we guarantee it. If you happen to find a price on your flight lower than offered at BookItBusiness, we will not only match it but will beat it by $50 - $100 per ticket. If you already purchased a flight with us but found the same business or first class ticket for a lower price, simply call or email us and we will refund you the difference in your fare.
  • Why can't I book online?

    Although we live in time when everything, including booking airplane tickets, can be done online with one click of a mouse, some things require old-fashioned communication. The main reason is – we negotiate our first and business class tickets with airlines and resellers, and therefore, are not able to put the prices up online in advance as each case is unique. However, we do guarantee that our service will be fast, convenient and enjoyable, and our fares will be the lowest that you will find.
  • How can BookItBusiness offer airfares that are lower than the airlines’ published fares?

    How many times have you seen a half-empty first and/or business class cabins? Although that means you will have more space, higher class service and more attention from extremely nice flight attendants, it also means that you have most likely overpaid. Those luxury seats that are available are most likely sold for fractions of what you purchased your ticket for. BookItBusiness has access to these tickets through resellers and tickets consolidators who purchase a large number of tickets and as such, they receive a heavily discounted rate on each ticket. In addition, our travel business professionals have extensive knowledge of the travel industry, airlines perks, routes and layovers schedules, as well as optimal time for reserving your future flight. Overall, using our experience, knowledge and skills, we will get you to your destination with luxurious comfort and for the lowest price possible. Call us now at 1-877-333-2803 or fill out a quote request form and save up to 30 to 70% on your international flight.
  • What are the best and most cost efficient practices in booking business flight?

    While BookItBusiness professionals will strive to find you the best deal out there, booking flight in advance as well as having flexibility in terms of routs and dates is essential in getting a great price. Although last minute deals sometimes can result in a success, the safest and often the most cost efficient option that can result in a top discount is booking your flight at least 7-10 days prior to the actual departure date. Also, the more flexible you are with your flight dates and times, the greater chance you have to save even more. Discounted seats are based on the airline’s profitability for a specific flight. When our travel consultants are able to fill a business or first class seat that might otherwise go unsold, we can then negotiate to generate the maximum allowable discount for your ticket. Contact us at 1-877-333-2803 or fill out a quote request form to connect with your personal business travel professional who will assist you in finding your best flight option.
  • How airline tickets are issued?

    In most cases, airline tickets are issued in electronic form (i.e. e-ticket) but in some instances airlines issue paper tickets, which will be mailed via FedEx or UPS. At BookItBusiness we encourage our customers to choose electronic over paper tickets (if available) for their ease of use. In addition, we know you care about the environment, and so do we! When leaving for the airport, please ensure to bring a copy of your e-ticket or paper ticket as well as your ID that matches name on your ticket, as you will use both to check-in for your flight.
  • What is BookItBusiness’ s policy regarding flight ticket changes, refunds, or cancellations?

    We know that stuff happens and sometimes our clients need to change or cancel their trips. While we try to be as accommodating as possible to our business and first class clients, policies relating to tickets, changes, refunds and cancellations are not our policy but are set by the airlines. Most tickets, however, could be changed prior to the departure date, subject to fees or penalties that each individual airlines may apply based on their own policies. These fees vary according to each individual airline. There are certain instances airline tickets are not refundable, however, the cost of these tickets may be used for future flights. Please note that the information relating to changes, refunds and cancellations options of your particular flight will be shared with you at prior to the time of your purchase. Contact us with any further questions.
  • What forms of payments do we accept?

    We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, as well as PayPal.
  • Which airlines does BookItBusiness work with?

    BookItBusiness work with all major airlines worldwide.

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