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    Our travel consultants will contact you with the best offer. Through our strategic partnerships with various airlines, BookItBusiness is able to save the customers on average 30% to 70% on their first and business class travel. BookItBusiness professionals will work with you and will take into account all your needs and limitations. We are dedicated to serve our customers and will make the booking process easy for you. Read about us here.
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    BookItBusiness will take you through the process every step of the way so you could sooner forget about booking the flight and start packing for the trip. You will be pleased with efficiency of our travel consultants as well as delighted with onboard services that come with the first and business class seats. Visit our Travel Resources page to learn more about first and business class cabins on various airlines, best airline lounges, etc.



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from $2,220*
Amsterdam from $2,355*
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Barcelona from $2,300*
Brussels from $2,487*
Dublin from $2,584*
Florence from $2,575*
Up to 70% OFF
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from $2,234*
Bali from $3,355*
Bangkok from $2,922*
Beijing from $2,882*
Guangzhou from $2,725*
Kyoto from $3,215*
Hong Kong from $2,825*
Up to 70% OFF
Fares Starting
from $2,362*
Abidjan $2,489*
Abuja from $2,362*
Accra $2,963*
Cairo $2,565*
Cape Town from $3,075*
Casablanca $3,128*
Up to 70% OFF
Fares Starting
from $3,440*
Auckland from $3,855*
Adelaide from $3,440*
Brisbane from $3,720*
Melbourne from $3,540*
Perth from $3,742*
Sydney from $3,610*
* Please note that the above prices are subject to change due to seasonality, any route complexities and seat availability on a specific date.

Top Destination Cities

from: $2,433*
from: $4,240*
from: $2,539*
from: $3,875*
from: $3,610*
from: $5,415*
from: $2,825*
from: $4,340*
from: $2,744*
from: $4,552*
from: $2,239*
from: $3,535*
from: $2,725*
from: $3,865*
from: $2,439*
from: $3,650*
from: $1,749*
from: $2,539*
* Please note that the above prices are subject to change due to seasonality, any route complexities and seat availability on a specific date.


  • Fly In Style with Cheap International Business Class Tickets!

    There is no shortage of rewards for air travelers that are willing to spend a little extra cash for the comfort and royal treatment of the business class cabin. Even better, a study from Expedia, Inc and the Airlines Reporting Corporation has also shown that the price difference between economy and business class has greatly diminished. Combine this great news with some knowledge of how to get cheap international business class flights, and you will be free to travel in style without taking a swing at your savings.

    Questions simply beg to be asked. What makes business class worth it? How you can find the best international flight deals so that you can enjoy comfortable flight experiences too? How can you begin? BookItBusiness has all necessary information for you here. Read on to find out!

    The Wonders of International Business Flights

    Relax in Comfort. There is nothing more unpleasant than feeling your muscles and joints complain during an international flight. When you flight in economy, you often have to steel yourself for interrupted sleep and a restless night. What can be worse than feeling entirely drained and exhausted when you finally arrive at your destination?

    In many business class flights, you will be able to transform your seat into a nice, attractive bed at the touch of a button. You will also have a plenty of space for any work you want to do, as well as access to your own personal entertainment system and a mini-bar.

    Delectable Delights. World-class delicacies await you in business class, regardless of the distance you are traveling. Not only will you have healthy and delicious options to choose from, you will often be gifted some of the best champagne to add a little spark to your meal. You do not have to wait until you are back on the ground for high quality meals. Enjoy everything from the comfort of your seat.

    Socialize and Mingle. Sitting in a seat for too long, no matter how comfortable it is, can be quite unhealthy and tiring. It is common for people to need to walk around and stretch their legs a bit during long flights. However, some incredible aircrafts actually have a lounge onboard, with experienced bartenders and chefs ready to satisfy all your needs. Such lounges are available exclusively for the business and first class passengers.

    Rather than pacing around the seat aisles, you can elect to join other passengers in the lounge. Socialize a little and mingle as you drink high quality cocktails and indulge yourself with five-star cuisine.

    Privacy Whenever You Desire. Many people absolutely hate international flights because of the significant lack of privacy. You will be pleased to know that privacy is only hard to come by in economy class. When you are feeling weary or you would simply like some peace and quiet, you can make use of the privacy dividers available to all business class passengers.

    Enjoy Business Class on Land As Well. Your business class privileges are not limited to your time on board. As a business class passenger, you will gain access to exclusive lounges and even complimentary car services. You will be able to avoid long wait with priority boarding and experience smooth sailing through counters and checkpoints. Make your experience at the airport an enjoyable one, rather than one that you dread.

    How Can I Get Discounted International Business Class Tickets?

    Business class international flights may seem like a dream right now, but with proper knowledge, you will be able to even get cheap first class international flights for fractions of price. Use these tips offered by BookItBusiness to help you track down the lowest business class fares.

    Consult a Travel Agent. One of the secrets of buying discount international business class tickets is using finding Y-Up fares. Y-Up fares, sometimes even called K-Up or Q-Up, are the best ways to fly in higher classes without paying for it. BookItBusiness will help you do that. We can find seats that are priced almost like coach, but they actually upgrade you instantly to business first class. However, these can be difficult to find on your own.

    BookItBusiness has information about availability of such seats and our travel agents will be happy to find you cheap international business class tickets as well as cheap first class tickets.

    Accumulate Rewards. Airlines still offer upgrades in return for loyalty. You can either earn elite status on frequent flyer programs, or you can use co-branded airline credit cards that will offer bonus points for signing up and mile rewards for purchase. Great cards that will quickly help you earn your way to a cheap international business class ticket are cards such as the Platinum Delta SkyMiles American Express. For a detailed comparison between airline elite statuses, check out the article from Travel Codex.

    Last Minute Upgrades. If airlines still have extra seats, you can get a last minute upgrade at a much cheaper flight. With last minute business class deals, if there are business-class seats available, you can even them buy them after boarding for a fraction of the original price. However, keep in mind that this method is much riskier, as you have no way of knowing whether or not there will be seats available. Inquire BookItBusiness professionals about discounted last minute business class deals if you are looking for an urgent flight.

    Watch Out For Sales. As with any other deal, to get a cheap international business class flight, you should always watch out for sales. If you do not have the time to keep an eye out, you can consider signing up for the First Class Flyer newsletter from Matthew Bennett, which costs $197 a year, or just check out BookItBusiness special offers page to see the hot deals. We constantly search for the cheap international business class tickets as well as best last minute business class deals available on the market. Nonrefundable tickets are also offered at much cheaper prices, so keep an eye out for those too.

    Fly During Less Busy Times. You are more likely going to be able to afford your business class ticket if you schedule your trip during a less busy time. Weekdays are always a good choice. Monday and Friday are the worst possible days, so try to avoid these. Business travelers also tend to stay home on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, so you will find that the cabins will be much emptier. With emptier cabins, you might be able to get an affordable last-minute upgrade. We will be happy to assist you in booking your international business class flight.

    Allow Yourself to be Bumped. Airlines often run into issues, and sometimes they need people to be bumped to another flight. If you volunteer, although you might have to wait for a longer amount of time, you can request for a business or first-class seat on the next flight. Although this might not be the best way to get your business class flight, it is a method that works.

    Book in Advance with Flexible Dates. Experiment a little, and you will find that more cheap international business class flights will pop up when you use different methods. You can either use a popular search engine to locate international flight deals with low business fares or simply call BookItBusiness and we will find you even better deal through our search tools. Keep in mind that search engines oftentimes find flight options with higher layover times and more transfers. Those websites lack a human touch. That is why it is often better working with a travel agent who will sort out all unwanted options and will present you with the best ones.

    A great website to use to search for flights would be the Not only is it simple to use, it is one of the only sites that guarantees to provide you with the cheapest, best prices for both international business and first class tickets. Visit the website to fill out a form or call them, and you will have the best travel consultants to help you immediately. This is an easy and hassle-free way for you to find the cheapest deal on business and first class tickets for international flight today!

    Find the Right Tickets Today!

    If you use the tips shown above, you will be able to find reasonable prices, whether you need cheap business class flights to Asia or cheap business class fares to Europe. For discount business class to Asia, make sure you consult all of the well-known Asian airlines before making a decision. BookItBusiness offers a great resource for you. Click here to explore business and first class cabins on top airlines. Remember that different airlines can offer better deals, so it is always important to conduct your research thoroughly, or let BookItBusiness professionals do that for you.

    Start looking today for cheap business class tickets, so that you are well prepared for your next business trip!